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2. Growing pains and raging hormones

Posted on Jul 31, 2014 by in Blog |


 Mike 32 300 DPI (2) 2Growing up, I was always looking for the magic pen and  perfect paper to create the masterpiece that would make me a published artist. Here I am decades later, having published hundreds of books and greetings cards, and most recently having launched my own e-book company, Breadcrumb Books. I guess you could say I’ve been a success, but I’m still looking for that perfect pen and paper–except now it’s on a Wacom touch screen!  


In those early traumatic growing up years my drawings kept me focused and my art decorated the walls at school, making an example to others who had less talent. It was kind of embarrassing and I didn’t think I was all that good. But I got to be known as an ‘artist’ and got lots of admiring responses. Cool, but I was very shy so I totally missed capitalizing on the attention from girls who would smile playfully and ask me,  “Can you do a drawing of Cliff my favorite pop star”. Later I did take some advantage of that but I was thirteen and filled with raging hormones. 

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