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6. Motivation!

Posted on Jul 31, 2014 by in Uncategorized |

It was in 1978, cold and broke searching for change down the sides of the sofa to feed the gas meter that I took my artistic talents seriously. 

I was living with Maria in a small studio apartment in Manchester England, looking for ideas that would pay the rent. That was when we had this brilliant idea of sketching public houses and selling the framed art to the proprietors. Armed with a polaroid camera and using a makeshift studio in one corner of the apartment we drew and framed some fine pieces. But of course though England boasts of many quaint inns  and pubs we finally ran out of them, and having no bus fare to take us further afield we were broke once more.

But still in awe of the great cartoonists like Ronald Searle who bowled me over with his opening credits to
the movie ‘Belles of St Trinians’,  and Ralph Steadman’s works of genius, I got the motivation I was looking for.