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5, Normal life

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XCarl and Lucy 29 300 DPI (24)Having two kids and my first house purchase, I settled down to normal life, washing my car and mowing the lawn each Sunday.  Boredom set in and I started brewing wine, playing pool and  lusting after loose women. Being showed the error of my ways by a friend who thought I was in need of psychological intervention,  I joined a local cult to gain stability and a more ‘ethical’ life. My marriage suffered badly and finally my wife, exploring greener pastures, ran off with the cult leader.  

Gordon Family103 300 DPI (41)

My marriage in ruins and no  thoughts of my future, I abandoned  the engineering life for a more relaxed existence in the cultish way. Living off the proceeds from the sale of my house, I had a good time for a while, but I was soon on a downward path, that in the end, was to lead me to my salvation. But not from my little group ‘Art and Soul’ that I had high hopes for.
It was at this point in my life I met Maria, who was to be the next Mrs Gordon. Maria was returning from the States and was planning to return, I on the other hand had other ideas for us. Maria was bright and full of life’s enthusiasm and like me she was totally broke. . . We needed a plan and along came the man with the magic beans!

Art and Soul: Maria, Chris, me and Chris


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